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“I fractured my upper four front teeth on a Saturday morning.  I called Dr. Gollon and he immediately asked me to meet him at his office.  He gently worked around my damaged mouth and teeth so I could get through the weekend.  The front office was a great help working with the insurance companies to get the four crowns covered.  Dr. Gollon remained concerned with my comfort throughout the procedure.  I received four permanent crowns and an improved smile.  Dr. Gollon did a fantastic job aligning and straightening the crowns.  He wasn’t satisfied until each tooth was set and comfortable.  Thank you, Dr. Gollon and staff.  Everyone there is always so friendly and helpful.”


 – Jan Grabski, Plover, WI



“Having lived in many cities, our family of four has had occasion to utilize the services of several dental professionals. Plover Family Dental Care is not just the name of a business; it truly describes how our family is treated there. From the warm reception to the pain-free treatments, it is, from start to finish, a relaxing experience. We recommend this dental office for their professionalism, accuracy of diagnosis, caring treatment, follow-up and sincerity. If we should ever have to move again, we would travel quite a distance to continue our dental care with Dr. Gollon and Plover Family Dental Care.”

- Mr. & Mrs. Ray Henry, Plover, WI


“Dr. Gollon capped my four front teeth.  He did a beautiful job.  It was completely painless.  When I saw the difference from the ‘old me’ and the ‘new me’, I was so excited and pleased.  He did it all in one morning.  I would recommend Dr. Gollon to everyone I see.”


– Diane Zube, Almond, WI